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Natural Alpaca Fabric
Happy Alpacas in Maine field

In Maine 

Welcome to Falling Star Farm! The five of us original alpacas -- Captain, Roscoe, Casper, Snickers, and Gizmo love it here because there's lots of organic Maine grass to eat, rocks for us to play on, and plenty of room to roam around and play games. You'll find lots of products made from Alpaca fiber: yarn, knitwear, and felted items like scarves and even soap. Take a look around, and look for pictures of us -- we're proud of what we do!

weaving alpaca fiber into fabric

Straight From Our Farm

It all starts on Shearing Day, when the alpacas happily donate their fiber to be spun, dyed, knit, felted and woven into warm and useful items. Alpaca is soft, lightweight & wonderful in its natural colors but I also love to dye yarn and silk, combining colors and textures to create unique and functional wearable art.

These look so cool, and are great sizes. Definitely upped my furoshiki game ;)
- Courtney
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