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Coreopsis! Natural yarn dyeing.

Summer is filled with growing things and is a great time for natural dyeing! I needed to deadhead the coreopsis anyway, so today was perfect. First, I had spun up some yarn at First Fiber Artwalk on Friday in Portland by Paca Naturals and on Saturday at the farmers market in Gorham.

Weighing the dry yarn to determine the amount of plant material:

While the yarn is soaking in warm water to open the microscopic scales on the fibers, it's time to pick some flowers! Luckily, I only have to walk out the back door:

Now the yarn must simmer in the mordant of alum and cream of tartar:

I make a tea bag of sorts with the plant material in some mesh so petals don't need to be picked out of the yarn later (learned that the hard way!):

Add the bag to your mordanted yarn and simmer for an hour or so:

The happy result!

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